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A coach, a personal trainer, a health and wellness guru, dedicated to helping YOU become the best version of yourself!

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I am Amanda

My passion is helping people overcome anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and just feeling stuck and not knowing what path to take in life and with your weight loss goals.

Let me help you find a way out of your funk so you can start living again and focus on the things that really matter.

I will encourage you to FIND YOUR POWER so that you can conquer your goals by creating a new mindset and identity that aligns with your CORE VALUES. Let me walk beside you. Together we can sit in a place of vulnerability and honesty so that you can experience JOY, PEACE, and inner FREEDOM.

Tired of not knowing what to make for dinner?

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My Awesome Clients


I met Amanda 5 years ago. She was working as a weight loss coach at MRC. Since then, we have both moved. We've stayed in touch through a few phones call and emails. Amanda possesses every quality you would want in an awesome coach. She is positive, motivational, full of enthusiasm, passionate, disciplined, inspiring, insightful, energizing and hungry for you to become the person God created you to be. Amanda tremendously CARES about your struggles. You soon realize how much she KNOWS in regard to how to guide you to reach your full potential. More importantly, Amanda has the knack to work around your thoughts that are holding you back then guiding you toward your goals. Amanda is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. Amanda can quickly pinpoint the issues and does not fail to leave you with helpful insights, ideas or questions for you to ponder. I experience this because she has been directing me through my own thoughts over the past few months. She has been a vital resource for me, and I look forward continuing are relationship.

Steve and Candy

Amanda is awesome! She helped me and my wife learn how to not only eat healthy, but also she helped us get to the root of our eating and health issues. She will go the extra mile for you to help you reach your goals. Her enthusiasm and energy is contagious. She helped me lose 65 lbs and stuck with me through the ups and downs of my journey to lose weight and get healthy.

I help YOU steer through the noise of life and find YOUR solutions to becoming a better version of yourself.

Whether your journey is weight loss, wellness coaching, or navigating through life’s obstacles, I can help guide you through it.  

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What You Learn

  • How to achieve sustainable, long-lasting results.
  • How to choose foods that support your goals while still enjoying the foods you love. 
  • How to change your mindset and thoughts around food and wellness.
  • You will learn how to become aware of how your thoughts are impacting your life.
  • You will discover the triggers that have been holding you back from success.

My Services

Life Coaching

Level Up Life Coaching

This is a month to month program depending on what your needs are.

Pay Per Session

One session at a time. Need someone to talk to? Book me here.

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The Defiance Dieting Method

If you are tired of dieting and ready to learn how to eat intuitively and get off diets long term, this is the program for you. We deep dive into FOOD BINGING, EMOTIONAL EATING TRIGGERS, and SOCIAL INFLUENCES keeping you from losing weight. In addition, this program contains fitness and nutrition coaching to set you up for success. I guide you to health using a HOLISTIC approach by helping you learn how to GET OFF MEDICATIONS, CONTROL YOUR DIABETES, REDUCE INFLAMMATION, and LOSE WEIGHT. Let's get healthy together. You dont have to do it alone!

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Personal Training

One on one personal training virtually. This includes: Initial physical and nutrition assessment, one virtual session per week, 6 week custom workout program minimum, and corrective exercise modifications to reduce pain and increase mobility in the parts of your body that are causing you distress.