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Level Up Life Coaching

Life coaching is about acknowledging you have something that holds you back or are struggling to work through and need a friendly ear to listen. 

No judging. No shame. Just an honest conversation.

 You will have an opportunity to talk about whatever you want and I will guide you through the obstacles to fight the stronghold and feel empowered and in control again. 

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The Defiance Dieting Method

It is time to get unstuck and get off the yo yo dieting rollercoaster ride. This Method is an all inclusive weight loss coaching program that will specifically be geared towards mindset, behavioral changes, and nutrition and exercise. This program is designed to give you a pathway towards your goal and teach you what healthy living is all about. 

This is an all inclusive health coaching program designed to focus on a total transformation in mind, body, and spirit. You will learn new ways to think, what is holding you back from losing the weight long term, how to form new habits, and an awareness of how nutrition and fitness can benefit your overall goals. You will become an expert in mind maintenance, habit formation and implementation, and truly transform the way you think about diet and exercise. If you are looking for a transformation, this is the program that you need. Since transformation does not happen overnight, this is a 6 month commitment. 

This is a 180 day program designed to give you a total transformation into the land of health!  Depending on the amount of weight you hope to lose, you may continue month to month until your goals are achieved after we complete your 180 day program.

Pay Per Session

If you just need someone to talk to about a situation or a goal you are trying to accomplish, paying per session is a great option for you. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. Interested?  Let’s chat! 

*After we receive your payment, you will be sent an email with a booking link and a form to complete describing what specifics you would like to discuss during our session.

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