★Are you sick and tired of starting ANOTHER diet program?  
★Do you feel overwhelmed with social media telling you to try another popular fad diet? 
★Are you tired of feeling out of control around food?
★Are you tired of asking yourself why you keep doing the same things over and over and not getting results? 
★Are you tired of trainers giving you another meal plan and workout to follow and feeling anxious about sticking to it because you know deep down there is something more you need? 
If that sounds like you then you are in the right place to start your TRANSFORMATION!
I know you are probably thinking that this is just another program you are going to waste money on but the truth is, this is DIFFERENT!  
You wont be wasting any more precious time or valuable dollars anymore because this is where the frustration ends. 
I am here to guide you every step! 

➔ You dont need another diet plan 

➔ You dont need to starve yourself any longer 

➔ You dont need to feel guilty every time you eat 

➔ You dont need to restrict your food anymore

I have created a unique 24-week program to teach you how to NOURISH your body, OVERCOME your negative relationship with food, and dig down emotionally to see what is hiding in your subconscious that keeps you feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

It is time to heal your body by healing your relationship with food

The Defiance Diet

Join my 24 week program for ladies who question WHY they are making the choices they are making when they know weight loss is what they want!  

This program is for ladies who are ready to dive deep and do the work to change their life.  Join me for the next 24 weeks to develop new habits and routines and heal your relationship with food.

What You Get


weekly customized action plan

weekly coaching calls

We will start with a 1 hour call to dig into your history, discuss your health goals, look for patterns that have been keeping you stuck and set up a plan of action of “small” changes to align with your goals. 
This is an in-depth call that will be unlike what you are accustomed to with nutrition coaching. We will dig deep to uncover emotional eating triggers, self sabotage patterns, and position your next step to conquer one habitual pattern at a time to start your journey of finding freedom over food. 
If you have been on a yo-yo diet rollercoaster for years, its not what you eat, its the why. This is what we address first. After the why is revealed, we can then move into nutrition strategies based on your unique lifestyle.  
After our weekly coaching call, I will build a personal strategy for you each week to help you hit your wellness and fitness goals. 
This customized strategy will detail out what we discussed on our weekly coaching call and provide your custom plan for the next week.
This will be very unique to YOU, your vision, and YOUR specific situation. 
Each week we discuss and work through whatever area that comes up for YOU
Our weekly coaching calls will be the most important sessions we have each week. This is the time we truly dig into what has been holding you back and uncover any self-limiting belief or patterns of behavior that need to be addressed and brought to the surface for healing. 
Each week we discuss habitual patterns keeping you from either sticking to a program, staying excited about your choices, binging on the weekends, choosing foods that hurt your body when you know you shouldn’t, or finding yourself eating foods you know are not aligned with your goals while out with friends. 
 Sometimes these calls may feel overwhelming and sometimes not but this is where the change begins. Each call will be approximately 60 minutes in length.


You will receive a follow – up email with a link of our recorded session each week with your action plan we discussed any additional strategies. At this time I would ask that you respond with any questions you have and how you are doing with the action steps we spoke of. 
You will also receive an email from me checking in midweek to see if there is anything you are needing to make sure you feel supported in case something comes up. 
To recap, you will receive 2 emails each week; 1 with your customized action plan and 1 midweek to check in.
The email correspondence is a time to be transparent with how “REALLY” are doing. If the plan does not feel good, we adjust so that during this process you will not be in overwhelm but will feel alignment with your goals and work to move you along in your journey. 


Education is essential in my program as you cannot change your habits if you don’t understand how or why. Each week you get a targeted lesson and strategy based on our coaching call to implement what we discussed. 
There will be options to read, watch, or listen to each lesson as I know you are busy and need the most uncomplicated method
You will learn the basics of nutrition and health and have all your questions addressed as we continue working through your program.
This resource vault will provide you with lessons you can choose to watch and learn on your own as well. 

support and

Support is key to any successful journey. We cant do everything alone, especially when you have tried for years to overcome your weight loss challenge. We all need support when we struggle and accountability to keep us moving forward. 

This is a time to check in to discuss next steps, get feedback on steps from previous week, give support, and work through anything that has come up. 

Change comes in stages and the first few weeks are certainly the easiest but as we get further into a program, it becomes difficult keeping up with any lessons and moving forward in our journey. This is where I come in. I will keep you on track by providing opportunities and challenges to keep it fun and reasonable. Remember, this is YOUR program and YOUR journey. We will move at YOUR pace.

Ready to Find Your Freedom?

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